Ancient Power Of The Gong

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Ancient Power Of The Gong

The Gong is known as one of the most powerful healing instrument in the world. It has been used since before the bronze age because of its transformational and therapeutic healing properties.

When a gong is played, the metal is being excited, causing the electrons to become highly charged. It is said that metal is the only known material where the electrons leave their atoms and join other atoms. This enables each listener and the gong to become connected. Every time the gong is struck and it’s sound intensifies, the gongs field expands around you getting bigger and bigger. This is why after a session, participants leave feeling a natural buzz.

The Gong generates streams of powerful otherworldly multi-dimensional rhythmic ripples of sound that grow into waves and bathe the entire body. You get completely immersed in a cocoon of spiraling sound when you attend a gong bath. There is no separation between the gong and the listener. The tone of the gong helps to open doors to higher dimensions and create complete silence within. The mysterious sound vibrations stimulate our cellular vibration helping to reset our genetic clock and detoxify the body and mind.

The wide spectrum of sound from the gong also helps us to release stress and break through energetic blocks to keep our vital energy flowing. The universal vibrations will return our body to an optimum state of health so that we may experience a peaceful harmony vibrating within us at the cellular level. Allow our gongs to carry you into an infinite ocean of endless possibility!

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