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Crystal Sound Reiki Share

Crystal Sound Reiki Share

A Crystal Sound Reiki Share is our unique blended double therapy healing share. A “share” is a gathering of like hearts for the exchange of hands on energy healing. We are able to amp up the healing to a whole new level with the addition of our massive crystal singing bowls. Their vibratory tones will work to increase relaxation within us and naturally align our energy with the higher healing frequencies that are coming in so we can become better channels for this divine light.

We join in a casual environment in circle format or around therapy tables to give and receive the healing energy of Reiki enhanced by the sonic power of our beautiful crystal singing bowls. This experience will help you to deepen your understanding in energy work & sound healing and help you to feel what it is like to be surrounded and healed by universal life force energy.

This session is perfect for students who want to learn more and advanced practitioners. Look for this session monthly! You can’t experience this anywhere else!

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