Sound Massage

During this 1 hour private session you will remain fully clothed while lying on a comfortable lounge where crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments are placed on or near the body. The powerful vibrations stimulate the body to release stress and muscle tension, to restore its own harmony, to reawaken its regenerative capabilities, and shift you into a relaxed state being. It could also help to awaken the divine spirit, helping you to discover who you truly are.

This therapeutic session promotes vitality and an awakening within the consciousness and allows room for transformation. An experience like this helps us to connect to our own inner rhythms and strength. This session deeply effects the nervous system because you are not just hearing the sound through the ears, but feeling the vibrations deep within the cells, tissues, muscles and bones. The waves of sound vibration travel through the room and are quickly absorbed by the body. The sound waves balance the brain hemispheres allowing you to reach a spontaneous state of meditation or hypnosis which is cleansing for the mind, promoting calmness and peace.