10″ Turquoise Gem Alchemy Sacral Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl – Note D

10″ Turquoise Gem Alchemy Sacral Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl – Note D


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This divine singing bowl creates pure vibes of protection, courage and truth with its fusion of precious Turquoise and Quartz Crystal.  It also provides an uplifting and calming energy when played. When worked with Turquoise guides spiritual attunement and heals emotions and balances the auric body. Turquoise can be used with all Chakras yet focuses on the Throat Chakra enhancing communication skills.  It can also be used to open the Heart Chakra for giving and for receiving and is a master healer and an attractor of prosperity and fertility. Turquoise helps protect, bless, ground, develop, and heal the spirit. It is known as the stone of wisdom and a provider of strength during vision quests and spiritual journeys.

Tuned to the note of D, this vibrational frequency is linked to the Sacral Chakra. The sacral chakra is the life-force energy center located below the belly button in the pelvic area and in line with our lower back. This spinning energy center fuels our passions, creativity, desires and governs our will. The gift of this chakra is experiencing our lives through feelings and sensations. The second chakra is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection.
It is not uncommon that emotional events in our lives or toxic thought patterns can create closures or blockages limiting the flow of energy to the chakras causing an imbalance between mind, body, and spirit.

If the energy in this chakra is being obstructed or blocked, you might find it hard to associate with other people and the world around you. You might feel unemotional, insecure and have trouble keeping emotions in balance. You you might not deal with life’s changes very well. You may be experiencing feelings of depression, constant anxiety, constant fear, distrust, worry and a complete lack of joy in one’s life.

The best way to activate this chakra instantaneously is through sound. By playing this bowl, you ground and balance this chakra to enhance your ability to function effectively on a day-to-day basis and bring joy back into your life!

Our bowls are made of the highest quality of minerals. Striker Wand and O-Ring Included.