16″ High Heart Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl – Note F#

16″ High Heart Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl – Note F#


16″ High Heart Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl – Note F


This Chakra is positioned above the physical thymus gland, between the Heart and Throat Chakras, creating a pull of both energies. The combination of these energies enables a powerful opening to occur that allows a loving communication between Human and Spirit. This makes it possible for true guidance to easily flow through.

The Thymus Chakra deals specifically with communication with Angels, Masters, Guides, our Higher Self and Higher Energies from the realms of light. It allows us to access the sacred records. It is an activator of higher consciousness, yet it allows the Higher Mind to meet the Inner Child. It is able to bring belief and spiritual wisdom down from the heavens while keeping us connected to the earth plane.

This chakra acts as a converter and filter for the higher vibrational energies, which are electrostatic in nature. It converts and filters them into electromagnetic energy, which is what we are composed of and what we can assimilate. The emergence of this chakra is directly related to the changes in vibration and frequency that have occurred as a result of the fourth and fifth dimensions moving into the third. The Thymus Chakra enables us to properly integrate and embody these vibrations to make them usable.

The Thymus Chakra is the seat of compassion, empathy, joy, peace, serenity, patience, balanced emotions and unconditional love for those that are close to you as well as all of humanity. It is a vortex that pulls in the Christ and Kwan Yin energies, bringing great awareness to the emotional and spiritual planes.

One of the important qualities that this chakra is responsible for is forgiveness. This is a powerful emotion… and one that many of you may find difficult to deal with. Many of you have been holding onto negative energy… and have been unable to forgive others… and this may have been carried with you for many years. By activating the thymus chakra… you may find that you are able to release and let go of these feelings.