10″ Black Tourmaline Gem Fusion Crystal Singing Bowl

10″ Black Tourmaline Gem Fusion Crystal Singing Bowl


Black Tourmaline Gem Fusion Crystal Singing Bowl


Note C – Root Chakra  +41.5   510.8 Hz

This one of a kind Black Tourmaline Gem Alchemy Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl is the ultimate grounding, purification and protection bowl, transmuting anything in your life that keeps you from living your divine purpose. It enlightens you to be, fully aware, fully present, and fully empowered knowing; “I am divinely guided, I am divinely protected and I am divinely supported”. This alchemy bowl is perfect for anyone working in challenging environments, as it clears and absorbs the blackness of chaos, negativity and disharmony.

This powerful purification bowl clears toxins, addictions, attachments and obsessions. The potent frequencies of Black Tourmaline have the innate ability to clear entities and unhealthy attachments, ridding you of the resonate frequencies that attracted them in the first place. The extraordinary tones of Black Tourmaline work on all levels from the lowest to the highest dimensions, dispelling scattered intentions while providing a grounded path for light to enter the earth plane.

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the primary chakra of our body which acts as an energy pathway to connect us to our physical bodies and the earth. This chakra is the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies and empower our beings. It represents our foundation and is all about feeling grounded and secure.

The root chakra is associated with some important core human needs, such as the need for security, safety and survival and the basic needs like finding food, getting sleep, having shelter and self-preservation. It also deals with physicality and physical identity and aspects of self.

The root chakra is where we ground ourselves into the earth and anchor our energy into the manifest world. A strong root chakra provides the foundation on which we build our life. It supports us in growing and feeling safe into exploring all the aspects of life. It is related to our feeling of safety and security, whether it’s physical or regarding our bodily needs or metaphorical regarding housing and financial safety. To sum it up, the first chakra questions are around the idea of survival and safety.

When your root chakra is in balance, you feel grounded, safe and secure. You have a feeling of overall contentedness. But, if this chakra is being obstructed, you may be experiencing feelings of insecurity and confusion, fear, distrust and worry.

Grounding and balancing this chakra enhances your ability to function effectively on a day-to-day basis.