Frosted Titanium Rainbow Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Frosted Titanium Rainbow Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl


Titanium Rainbow Quartz is very energizing and its strong vital energy clears, activates and energizes all seven chakras.


Titanium Rainbow Quartz stimulates all chakras for inner-communication and balance. Titanium Rainbow Quartz is said to increase zest and enjoyment of life and helps to dispel sadness. It can facilitate pure joy and bring a lightness of heart, just as a rainbow does when viewed after a storm. In this way these crystals of hope are invaluable for dispelling grief, depression, and negative feelings.

Being both all possible colors and pure white light at the same time, rainbows have a powerful significance. Each color has its own vibration, expression, and purpose, while also being an integral part of the whole.

Being a sort of cosmic bridge between the Earth and the sky, rainbows also represent a connection with a higher awareness. Together they merge with the aura to release any energy blocks and patch up holes in the aura with the appropriate color. They can carry the message of hope and dreams beyond the physical plane.

The gemstone provides connection and interaction with angelic beings. It acts as a prism for your soul to shine into all areas of life. As a prism you will radiate ethereal energy and will feel a divine connection with the Universe and the spirit world.

Titanium rainbow quartz is a gemstone that captures gorgeous peacock colors of purple, blue, green and gold.

Frosted, 8 inch ~ Note C

Includes an o ring and striker.