Ispalla Palo Santo Incense

Ispalla Palo Santo Incense


The Palo Santo Trees are from South America and are used by the natives for its healing and cleansing properties.


Ispalla Palo Santo Incense (approximately 1o sticks)

This brand of natural and organic incense is based with palo santo’s milled wood, and is sustainably harvested in Peruvian dry woods, supporting farmers economies and contributing to artisan’s growth.

Natural incenses made with distilled water, milled palo santo wood, milled palo santo resin around a bamboo stick.

Approximately 1 gr per stick – Burning time 45 min per stick.

This Palo Santo incense stick has an authentic aroma, with woody and citrus notes. Helps people to clear bad energies from a space and personal aura. This aroma is relaxing and purifying, decreases stress and anxiety, helping concentration.

How to Burn Incense Sticks:

Light the coated end of the stick with a match or lighter, Let the flame burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame. You should see a red tip burning on the stick. Smoke will rise and your incense will start to smell.