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Chakra Balancing Meditation

The healing tones produced by our crystal singing bowls are not just heard by ear but can also be felt on the cellular level, touching the essence of our soul.

Sound Healing has been around for centuries as a therapeutic healing modality, that can balance the body’s systems restoring it back into it’s healthy harmonic patterns.

This chakra balancing meditation is designed to provide deep relaxation and effectively balance and energize the different chakras in your body so you feel renewed, awakened and alive!

Each singing bowl resonates to a different Chakra, musical note, color, as well as various organs and emotions in the body. This session will help to open up to the higher realms and transmute negative blocked energies instantly for greater ease and alignment to your true being.

This is magical meditation through sacred sound and vibration, that heightens your awareness and opens you to a path of wholeness on all levels. So come to transcend the mundane and find your joy, your happy and your peace as you tune into your true radiant nature.

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