Fitness~Takes Many Forms

Center for Sound Therapy

Fitness~Takes Many Forms

Because Wellness takes on many forms, the Center for Sound Therapy was recently visited by The Business Journal to find out how Sound Therapy can help improve the health and wellbeing of the people in our community. We were tied into this article to show how sound therapy can assist with mental fitness and help those getting in shape for the new year. Our sessions are not as much of a work-out as they are more of a work-in. You always have to take time to check in with your body to make sure you are not pushing yourself to hard. Sound therapy is great for your rest day and for muscle recovery. If you need help with your mental fitness, come for a session so we can help you tone up your spiritual muscles after all those tough workouts!

Physical, Mental Fitness~Takes Many Forms     By Marah Morrison

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — It doesn’t matter if it’s Dec. 31 or Jan. 1, there is no perfect time for someone to begin to improve his health, says Creekside Fitness and Health Center instructor Tiffany Shirilla. What’s important, she says, is taking the first step.

Shirilla advocates practicing a lifelong healthful lifestyle…..Shirilla says her goal is to get members moving and have fun at the same time. “This is why I enjoy teaching so much, because you hold each other accountable,” Shirilla says. “Just start. Commit to being healthy.”

As members build relationships, they motivate one another to stick to their goals….“They get a great sense of community,” says Samantha Womer. “People who may not like to exercise can look forward to coming to class because you have friends and family here……”Womer teaches group exercise classes that keep people motivated and accountable. If someone is unsure about how to properly exercise, classes are a great way to get their feet wet, she says……

“Whether you’re here or in the workplace, it’s important to keep that balance,” Hillman says……

Joelle Chahine….is a HealthMarkets franchisee and says fitness plays an important role in her life and her business. “Mental and physical health is something that everybody should allocate half an hour to an hour every day,” Chahine advises. “As a small-business owner, you’re constantly dealing with others’ needs and you want to be the best version of yourself for everybody else to give back.”….“We’re laser-focused on our clients,” she says. “That’s what they need and that’s what gets them the results.”

A recent survey conducted by Inc. magazine found that 71% of respondents want to diet or eat healthier, 65% want to exercise more and 54% want to lose weight.

But health outcomes in Mahoning County rank 67 out of 88 counties in Ohio, according to the County Health Rankings by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. Trumbull County ranks 72. “We just collectively, as a society in Youngstown, have to band together and be more active,” says Angelo Babbaro, owner of The Train Station Fitness, Boardman. “Whether it’s CrossFit, spin or yoga, find what you love.” More than 250 people ages 5 to 76 regularly exercise at The Train Station, Babbaro says…..

Beyond physical fitness, many look to improve their mental wellness in the new year. Massage therapy can keep people healthy, keep them in the workplace and lower their stress, says Gina DeAngelo, owner and therapist at Massage Café in Canfield. “Stress is huge in any workplace,” she says. “Even when you like your job, there’s stress. Employers need to be concerned about back injuries, neck injuries, headaches and carpal tunnel. Massage therapy helps with all of that.”…..“As massage continues to be accepted by the public, I see the need growing,” DeAngelo says. “The changes in health-care coverage makes massage therapy a good value. If your doctor’s office co-pays are increasing, we become an affordable option.”

The Center for Sound Therapy, Boardman, provides wellness through quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs and flutes, say Calvin Wagner, sound therapist, and his wife, Maria Lallo-Wagner, owner of the center.

The Center for Sound Therapy offers three sound-bath experiences. Although the sessions use different instruments, they still offer a meditative feel to them, Lallo-Wagner says. 

The first session is a mixture of cultural elements such as using a rattle, a drum and a flute for a Native American element, followed by chanting. The second session is called a gong bath, which comprises only metal instruments and gongs. 

“Physicists say that when you strike a metal instrument, the electrons get excited because the electrons are coming off of the instrument, and we have an energy around us,” Lallo-Wagner says. “The two fields join together and the electrons are neutralizing the body, so you get a deepening, grounding experience.”

The third option is the crystal-frequency sound bath. During this session, the crystal singing bowls are the only instruments used, Lallo-Wagner says. 

“Any [physical fitness] program will tell you that you need a resting day, and with sound therapy working with physical fitness, we can offer that resting day because it helps in that muscle recovery,” she says. “That recovery will help you get stronger.” 

Lallo-Wagner describes a sound-bath session as a “cleaning of a slate.” If someone has never been to a session, it lifts the weight off his shoulders, and provides him with more patience and compassion, she says. 

“What we do is universal,” says Calvin Wagner. “You’re going to leave more creative; you’re going to have a different perspective and more clarity.”

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