Women’s Circle: Meditation

women's circle

Women’s Circle: Meditation

Women’s Circle: Meditation~Reflection~Connection

Maria leads a monthly Women’s Circle that will offer you a unique opportunity to slow down, to relax, to listen, to find peace and to journey deeper inward and reclaim your power and yourself.

We need these circles because sometimes as women, we forget who we are and that we have an inner light shining within. Pieces of ourselves get buried over time because of our responsibilities. We forget that we need cared for too. When that happens, we get lost, depressed and walk around feeling alone and in crisis. But when women gather in a loving environment together, they gather as sisters, as one consciousness engaging in support for one another. We can bring each other back!

You can find yourself again through guided meditation, quiet reflection and during this time of connection. The circle’s purpose is to help one another access our inner source of wisdom and knowledge and reawaken our true power for healing and change. Give yourself this time to nourish your spirit and strengthen your faith.

Look for this circle monthly!

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