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The Center for Sound Therapy is redefining wellness by providing a unique holistic approach to healing.

Because we recognize the interconnection between the mind, body & spirit, and the importance of working with a person as a whole, our holistic approach works to address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our clients through all natural, alternative and preventative methods of care.

As Holistic Health Care Practitioners, our expertise lies in using the ancient science of sound healing and other forms of vibrational energy medicine to help you regain your health and wholeness.

For centuries, Alternative and Holistic Medicine has been proven to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself by reducing stress and promoting a deep state of relaxation that induces rejuvenation on every level of your being.

We are your leaders in providing transformational healing experiences and by incorporating one or more of our services into your regular healthcare routine, you will regain balance within your mind, body and spirit.


Your Dynamic Duo

Meet Your Experts

Calvin Wagner
Sound Alchemist
Maria Lallo-Wagner
Owner - Sound Alchemist

what people are saying about us

Soothing Sound Bath Therapy was an amazing way to spend a "date night" with my husband. We really enjoyed relaxing together and being bathed in sound. Maria and Calvin have such a beautiful gift to share with the world. Anytime you need to escape for a little bit or to hit the reset button I would highly recommend that you go into their space. They truly offer a unique experience that can help you to heal from the inside out. Their amazing space will make you feel safe, calm, capable, awakened, balanced, relaxed, rejuvenated and truly ALIVE and ready to re-enter the world and conquer anything that you wish! Thank you both for offering this to our community we are very lucky to have access to this unique healing art. Every human being should schedule this regularly into their self care routine it will help keep you happy and healthy~Dr Michelle Thompson

Dr. Michelle Thompson

My name is Christina & I’m a Sound Junkie- Without question, my weekly attendance to the Center for Sound Therapy is the most nurturing thing I do for myself. Whether taking part in the Guided Gong Meditation or the Sound Bath, Maria & Calvin, the couple who lead & create the experience, offer a truly sacred space filled with auditory delights that never fail to soothe my jangled nerves. You are quite simply cocooned by the most awesome sounds that are imbued with the wondrous effect of being both uplifting, invigorating & comforting & relaxing- all at the same time. My sister & I make a weekly visit to Sound Therapy- It’s something very special to share with a friend or a loved one. I leave feeling so relaxed & at peace- It’s a centered feeling- something that I carry within myself throughout the week. I highly recommend giving it a try!


Maria & Calvin are truly amazing. Every since my first experience with them a year ago, my spirituality and yoga practice has taken a positive shift. I continue to leave the sound bath and sonic yoga feeling rejuvenated, inspired, focused and spiritually awakened. I have always had a great experience and highly recommend them!

Tara H.