Gong Meditation

Gong Meditation

This is a stay at home virtual gong healing meditation.

World Gong Day is celebrated annually on April 9th. We would normally celebrate this day in the studio with a Gong Bath. We couldn’t miss this day, so here is a 20 Minute Gong Meditation. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the gongs and sound therapy and it’s powerful ability to provide deep relaxation and transformation on so many levels.

“Gongs bring out the sound from were we all come from. When physical and spiritual bodies are showered with these sounds, they recognize their Mother-Father Creator, the vibrational sound where we came from. Just like a little lion cub when it is grabbed by it’s mother, it totally relaxes. This parasympathetic system kicks in providing no resistance so the mother can carry the cub with minimum effort to a secure place.

In the same way, we are able to let go totally and all of our systems reset to the default setting of the creator (the universal sound) bringing balance and harmony; helping us to relax and see things from a neutral point of mind, helping us become One with the Universe. The lioness and the cub, the cub and the lioness are one.” ~ Sotantar Suraj

Go beyond time and space by tuning in to the frequencies of the gongs!

With the doors to our studio closed, due to the current state of the world, we have to reach you virtually. We ask for your support in any way that you can to help us keep our doors open and our dream alive during this time. So if you feel drawn after listening, our paypal link is: paypal.me/center4soundtherapy, we appreciate all your love and support.

To enjoy this session, it is best to use earbuds or headphones to get the best sound. You may also have to adjust your volume to 30 or 40% to best suite the gongs playing through the device you may be listening on.