Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets

Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets


Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets


Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets (10 Charcoals per roll).

If you burn resins, powders or dried herbs you will most likely need charcoal disks. Swift Lite Charcoal Discs are self-lighting and long-burning mini charcoal tablets. Self-Lighting Charcoal means that it will light with a single match.

Swift-Lite charcoal burns evenly and stays lit making it one of the best brands out there. Use this high quality charcoal tablet to burn any natural resin, incense, plants, herbs or other natural materials. Natural resins do not work well with direct flame and needs a heated source that is not too hot. These charcoal tablets provide the correct heat needed to allow resin to smolder releasing the wonder aromas and smoke.

They are easy to light and burn cleanly and are long lasting. Using charcoal tablets to burn non-combustible incense is a modern variation on a very ancient method. There’s no doubt that our ancestors discovered many aromatic substances when they first tossed them onto a smoldering fire. As these unknown substances where gently heated they gave off wonderfully pleasant fragrances that they wanted to duplicate again and again.

This method of burning incense is still very popular today but of course we’ve created our modern day convenience — the prepackaged charcoal tablet.

The tablets are packed in a rolls of 10 and are sealed in air tight pack in order to maintain an efficient combustion.