Gong ~ Sound Bath Meditation

Gong Sound Bath Meditation

A gong sound bath meditation is a special group session where you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sounds of the most powerful healing instrument in the world. Across the centuries, the gong has been known for it’s intense transformational properties. The mysterious sound vibrations of the gong stimulate our cellular vibration helping to reset our genetic clock and detoxify the body.

The gong has a wide spectrum of sound that helps us to release stress and break through energetic blocks to keep our vital energy flowing. The universal vibrations of the gong helps to return our body to an optimum state of health because dis-ease occurs when we are in a state of disharmony, the gong immersion works to restore our natural state of peaceful harmony and rejuvenates us at a cellular level.

This deep meditative experience will help you find your inner peace, help you to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, reduce your pain and inflammation, and increase your circulation and energy levels and as your energy continues to shift into higher states from attending regular sessions the long-lasting effects of the gong will ripple out into other areas of your life. Try a gong sound bath meditation today!

Weekly Group Session, Thursday Evening, 7 pm ~ $35