IET Angel Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy or IET Angel Therapy is a hands-on healing therapy system that uses angelic energy to “get the issues out of our tissues” for good!

Integrated Energy Therapy is a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause imbalance and disease within the body. An IET session takes place with the client relaxed and fully clothed on a massage table. Healing energy is then directed into specific Integration Power Points through a series of gentle hand placements. The integration power points are acupressure like points that when activated by the IET energy vibration, will trigger the quick and easy release of even the most suppressed cellular memories and emotions. This energy helps clear any blockages we may have in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/karmic layers of the body.

The focus of IET is clearing the trauma without the drama because whatever is brought to the surface for clearing is cleared immediately in the session. The client does not have to go home after the session and spend days processing the trauma that was brought up. One can release suppressed feelings, limiting thoughts and beliefs, and any aspects of themselves that can hold them back from living a fulfilling life. IET wonderfully complements other healing practices and medical care.

The Integrated Energy Vibration is the energy of 9 archangels. Their divine angelic ray works directly with our Spiritual DNA. Each angel provides their own unique energy to work within specific areas of the body to release the dense and suppressed cellular memory from every level of our being and then they integrate the opposite, positive energy into our energy field.

The Healing Angels:

Archangel Ariel is the overall healing angel of the IET Violet Energy Ray. She is the angelic coordinator who connects us with the energy of the other 8 healing angels of the human energy field. Ariel works with the “soul star” our “8th chakra” to clear out limiting belief patterns that keep us from moving into our “soul’s mission”. She also grounds this angelic energy in “1st chakra” or “root chakra” so we can live our heart’s desire.

Archangel Raphael works with the “7th chakra” or “crown chakra” to clear the illusion of separation from the Divine and works to clear out cellular memory imprints of “guilt” so we can see our true “innocence”.

Archangel Gabriel works with the “6th chakra” or “third eye chakra” to clear out cellular memory imprints of “distrust” so we are able to “trust” ourselves and others.

Angel Celestina works with the “5th chakra” or “throat chakra” helping us to clear out energy imprints that hold us back from expressing our true selves so we can then express our Divine creativity with the world.

Angel Faith works with the “shoulder” area, releasing our burdens to develop a strong sense of “faith” in ourselves. She brings in the energy of “freedom” as we learn to rely on the Divine being that we truly are.

Angel Cassiel works with the “heart” or the “4th chakra” releasing heartache, emptiness, longing, grief and sadness. She brings in the energy of love and support.

Angel Daniel works with the cellular memory area that surrounds the “liver, gall bladder and spleen” and helps to release anger, resentment, bitterness and judgment and brings in the energy of true forgiveness.

Angel Sarah works with the “3rd chakra” or the “sacral chakra” to release powerlessness and stress, and brings in the energy of “ease of movement”.

Archangel Michael works with the “2nd chakra” surrounding the kidneys, and is the area where “fear” is held. Michael helps us to release our fears and brings in the energy of protection and safety.

Private 1 hour Session ~ $65

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