Crystal Singing Pyramid Meditation

Crystal Singing Pyramid Meditation

Here is a virtual Stay at Home Crystal Singing Pyramid sound healing meditation.

When used, Crystal Singing Pyramids help to support in raising your consciousness and vibration. When played, they send out divine sound waves that impact the body on a cellular level. Their healing energies help to waken our spiritual DNA.

In this sound meditation we will be using 6 crystal singing pyramids. It is said that these instruments harness the collective power of the ancient pyramids from around the world. Their crystalline frequencies are great for getting us online and activating our divine inner light. These frequencies help us to receive informational downloads for clarity and guidance. Crystal frequency also opens the energy centers and helps us to manifest our intentions and desires. These healing frequencies can put us in a state that also helps us to recover past life memories so we can release old patterns and trauma.

As with our other meditations, if you feel drawn to donate for this virtual session, our PayPal link is: All your donations are helping to cover our studio costs during this difficult time.

To enjoy this session, this will play nicely over your devise, but if you are having any issues with your speakers, it is recommended that you use earbuds or headphones to get the best sound. You may also have to adjust your volume to 40 or 50%.

With Love and Light!