Earth Day Drum & Flute Meditation

Earth Day Drum & Flute Meditation

Happy Earth Day! Here is another stay at home virtual drum and flute sound healing session to support in raising our vibration and collectively transmit Love to Mother Earth and all living beings.

In this sound meditation we will be using traditional native musical instruments like the flute, drum, rattle and rain stick to shower the planet with our grateful blessings and as a prayer to her for healing. Earth Day is also celebrated to flood the world with hope and to encourage us to live with a lighter foot print and protect the planet.

We hope that this sound healing meditation also inspires you to take action in your own life. Sound helps to make your inner world a brighter place as well!

As with our other meditations, if you feel drawn to donate for this virtual session, our PayPal link is: All donations are helping with studio costs during this difficult time.

To enjoy this session, remember, it is recommended that you use earbuds or headphones to get the best sound. You may also have to adjust your volume to 40 or 50% to suite the different instruments playing through the device you are listening on.